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6/11/2018 Ransomware Incident
September 2018
Reeb® Millwork Ransomware Incident
On or about the afternoon of June 11, 2018, members of REEB’s IT staff discovered and immediately took action to address the fact that REEB had been the victim of a hack and resulting ransomware attack.
Although neither REEB nor its external forensic IT consultant determined that any individuals’ personal information was actually accessed, acquired or even placed at risk, it is possible that the hack could have exposed such information concerning certain past and current employees, certain of their dependents, and certain vendors.
Out of an abundance of caution, REEB, in collaboration with its external forensic IT consultant, has implemented both technological and other enhanced security protocols in order to avoid a reoccurrence of this situation.
To alleviate concerns that may arise as a result of the attack, REEB is making available to its potentially affected employees, their dependents and its vendors at no cost to them one (1) year of LifeLock® identity theft protection, credit monitoring and other services. To register for LifeLock, or if you have any questions about LifeLock’s products or services, please contact LifeLock directly at 844-466-9181.
For more information, please also feel free to call Daniel G. Schaffer, REEB’s President, at 610-867-6160.