Large Inventory
Reeb sustains an extensive inventory by maintaining over 1,000,000 square feet in warehouse space. Reeb stocks more doors and more components to keep lead times low and product availability high. We showcase all in-stock products in our catalogs.
2g® Guided Selling System
2g® is Reeb’s user‑friendly, cloud-based sales system that places our vast inventory at your fingertips. It provides a step‑by‑step configuration tool that helps guide you through the selling process as an easy‑to‑quote, easy-to-buy option.
Reeb Support
Reeb aims to provide you the best support from order to delivery and after! Our CSRs field your calls quickly to answer your questions whether they involve product knowledge, quote inquiry or order status. Reeb TSMs, MSMs, and NARs are available to assist before, during and after the delivery process. The Reeb family is large and each person is dedicated to providing you the highest quality products!
Reeb Learning Center
Education. Anytime. Anywhere.
The Reeb Learning Center (RLC) is a learning center for everything door related. Visitors have free access to education about our products to help make better informed product recommendations. In an industry filled with many complex choices and regulations, Reeb is committed to offering training.
Interactive Showroom
Combining the power of technology, education and hands-on working displays, our Interactive Showroom directs the end user quickly and accurately through the decision making process, to choose the best product for their needs. Each module is crafted to include video, literature, education and actual working products.
Digital Marketing
Reeb builds and distributes creative content as an additional source of marketing. Digital assets are easy to share across social media channels to reach customers faster. We run campaigns utilizing videos, photos, and graphics to provide education on new offerings. You are able to share this content and raise your customers' awareness.
Merchandising Aids and Displays
Your showroom is an important part of your customer’s experience. In addition to full-size displays, Reeb offers merchandising aids specific to glass type, door and frame material type, and door corners exhibiting their construction. Our catalogs showcase Reeb in-stock products, and provide educational content that guide and assist customer decision making. We believe in the power of marketing and offer a powerful comprehensive co-op program. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and help our partners grow their business.
TV Display Program
Reeb's TV Display Program provides a display screen featuring engaging and educational product information. Updated quarterly, the content covers many topics from how to choose the right door material to the benefits of a multi-point lock system. The TV Display can help start a conversation with a homeowner or contractor and aids the selling process. Reeb’s TV Display Program is a chance to enhance your showroom while providing quality engaging and educational videos.