Reeb's 2g guided selling software is trusted by thousands of dealers throughout the millwork industry to process fast, easy and accurate orders.

The results speak for themselves

2g is Reeb’s cloud-based product configuration software that puts our vast inventory at your fingertips and streamlines the quoting, pricing and ordering process into a fast, easy and accurate guided selling system. The project began in 2007 and has since become the #1 guided selling system in the millwork industry, and for good reason. 2g makes it easy for even your most inexperienced team members to guide your customers through an often complex order process with speed and accuracy.

Happier Customers

Instant quotes, more accurate orders, more knowledgeable sales staff and faster product deliveries all lead to happier customers. When you use 2g to place an order, you can be confident that all of the items listed are in-stock and available with short lead times, enabling you to meet your customers' project demands with ease.

Product Awareness

A knowledgeable salesperson radiates confidence and eliminates choice paralysis by guiding customers to make their final purchase decision faster. They no longer have to spend time on the phone or filtering through product catalogs to find answers to complex questions. Everything you need to help your customer is just one click away.

Reduces Errors

2g leads your team members through a simple, step-by-step sales process that reduces human error by making certain all relevant options are discussed and thought through before the order button is pushed. No system can guarantee total accuracy, but 2g is simply the best tool in your arsenal to ensure your customers' orders ship accurately and on-time, and what could be better for your business?

Valuable Reports

2g has powerful reporting, permissions and pricing features that allow you to keep detailed records of who orders what, and when. Reports can be pulled at any time to allow better insight into your sales process and review individual performance. Rather than wait for the end of your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly sales cycle, this information can now be reviewed in real time.

Works on Any Platform

2g is a modern website application built to perform equally well on both Windows and Mac platforms. It is fully tested in newer versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. We have also gone the extra mile to make sure 2g is user-friendly on tablet and mobile devices.

Rock Solid Support

2g runs in the cloud on secure servers, so you don’t have to worry about the technical specifics. It doesn’t require an IT department to set-up or maintain. If you have a web browser with internet connectivity, then you have everything you need to start using 2g. Because 2g just works, we are able to focus harder on training your staff and building a knowledge base to quickly answer any product knowledge questions you need to help complete the sale.

Who Uses 2g?

From small and mid-sized dealers to large multinationals, 2g is the go-to guided selling system for thousands of companies across the United States. Today, over 7,000 individuals are using 2g to take the headache out of their millwork selling process.