Protect What Matters Most

Standard on all Reeb Finish Units.
Discover the Perfect Combination of Security and Beauty.
PanoLock+ delivers the strength of three locking points of uncompromised protection. No weak hooks or catches. Just tested, proven strength.
Three points of contact
Protection against warping
Ensure a tight closure
Ease of operation
A simple turn of the deadbolt operates both tapered bolts smoothly and the handleset operates the latch.
A Tapered bolts engage easily.
A  Tapered Bolt
Unlike other locks that tend to catch, PanoLock+'s tapered bolts engage easily, even when the door is out of alignment.
B  Adjustable roller strikes lower operating force.
Adjustable Roller Strike  B
Rollers lower operating force and allow the tapered bolt to gently snug the door panel against the weatherstrip.
PanoLock+ is easy to live with, even after years of use.
Matching hardware throughout the house is now a possibility.
Compatible with all handleset designs.
Works with electronic locking systems
Schlage lock options to fit your style
Choose a finish to match your home's decor
Choose a finish to match your home's decor
PanoLock+ is the multi-point lock you've been waiting for.