Reeb® is proud to be an SBP brand!

Specialty Building Products (SBP) operates through six brands in the United States and Canada. Individually, each brand has a rich history of its own and is well-known within the local community it serves. Together, as one company, we are better prepared to meet the growing demands of the building industry with an unmatched depth and breadth of inventory, in-person support, and robust selling systems.
When you see "an SBP brand," you can expect the same personalized experience you know and trust, with the strong commitment and support of the fastest-growing building materials supplier in North America - Specialty Building Products.

What we value.

At the heart of SBP and Reeb, you'll find our People, Culture, and Core Values. Our People are our greatest strength. We work together to serve our customers, and we don't stop until they're satisfied. Our Culture shows up as a company that works hard, never settles, and wants to win. We aim always to do the right thing – even when it is hard. This commitment creates a strong foundation and long-lasting relationships that are rich in trust. Our Core Values revolve around our impact on the lives of everyone we touch, making a difference in the world one person at a time.

Our Company.

The secret to Reeb's success is no secret at all! We work harder for our customers. We have weathered the storms, literally and figuratively, along with our partners for over 100 years, and today we're stronger than ever. We understand the daily decisions owners in our industry face and earn your business by stocking more products, offering shorter lead times, more options, and better support. Reeb hires the best, and they go to work for you every day.
  • Reeb began in 1912 in Brooklyn, NY.
  • We have 1250 extraordinary employees across 5 locations.
  • We stock approx. 24,000 product SKUs in over 1,200,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space.
  • We deliver to 4,000 dealers with a fleet of 171 trucks.
  • We are proud to carry 95 of the most recognized product brands in the building industry.
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Awe-inspiring inventory.

Reeb has five east coast locations with over 1.2 million sq. ft. of warehouse space and two specialty high-speed pre-finishing lines, all capable of operating as one cohesive unit when production levels increase. Stocking more products is part of what sets Reeb apart from the competition. It allows us to offer more options and shorter lead times. In addition to door products, we also stock a full complement of columns, hardware, jambs, brickmould, casing, and finishing options so your order ships complete. We routinely handle special orders and unusual stock sizes. We offer endless customization options by combining CNC machining with expert hand assembly for odd hinge sizes, square hinges, etc. Our high-speed door pre-finishing plants provide a complete offering of custom finishing options.

Unmatched support.

Although we know how vital product selection and logistics are to any successful building or remodeling project, we truly pride ourselves on customer support. Many companies say it's their top priority, but few can back it up, like Reeb. Customer service starts well before the order is placed and doesn't stop at delivery. We're large enough to offer exceptional value as a distributor, but we strive to maintain a personal touch with all our partners. If one of our customers isn't satisfied, it matters, and we do what it takes to make it right.

Your success is our success.

It was true when C.E. Reeb started the business in 1912, and it's true today. Reeb is your Complete Door Solutions Company. Suppose there is a question about your order before, during, or after delivery. In that case, Reeb has a whole staff of inside and outside sales managers, customer service associates, CAD professionals, estimators, and field technicians ready to assist you. In addition, our industry-leading, cloud-based guided selling system makes configuring, quoting, and ordering products from Reeb easier than ever. We also have a robust online learning center and training paths to help onboard new employees quickly and effectively. Our mission is to grow your business by giving you all the tools necessary to help your customers realize the entryway of their dreams.

How can I get started?

If you are an established building materials supplier based in Reeb's territories or a professional contractor, interior designer, architect, or other related industry professional. We invite you to visit our dealer's page or contact your Territory Sales Manager to discuss a potential partnership.
We are truly grateful for your trust in Reeb as your distribution partner and look forward to creating and sustaining successful relationships. If you ever need to reach us, someone is always available to answer your questions.