The highest quality and most technologically advanced
columns and porch posts on the market

For the perfect combination of classic style and strength, Reeb® stocks a large variety of column styles and materials. We offer both structural and decorative options to fit any style of porch or overhang.

Fiberglass Columns

HB&G®'s unique molds keep wall thickness very consistent, producing an ideal strength to weight ratio. These columns also feature a uniformally smooth surface, ready to be painted with minimal preparation.

PVC Columns

These non-structural synthetic columns enclose or "clad" over wooden posts to achieve a consistent look and protect the core.

Wood Columns

The warmth and design flexibility of real wood is an excellent option for homeowners with a taste for authenticity.

Aluminum Columns

Two-piece extruded aluminum, load-bearing columns snap-together and are available in limited sizes and designs.

Porch Posts

For a warm and inviting look to your front porch, Reeb stocks columns made from low maintenance polyethylene or traditional wood.

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