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April 2020
Reeb® Guided Learning Paths
We are excited to launch Learning Paths within the Reeb Learning Center! It can be tough to know where to start learning.  Learning paths provide courses with step-by-step lessons to teach you about doors from start to finish.
Reeb Guided Learning Paths Landing Page
A learning path is a collection of related courses that a learner can progress through to understand more about a topic.  Each course is comprised of multiple lessons, knowledge checks to gauge the learning process, and a final quiz to complete the course.  At the end of each course, you will receive a completion certificate that you can download.
Introduction to Exterior Doors Learning Path
By having the courses grouped into learning paths, anyone can log in and navigate through the learning process to boost their door knowledge.  As lessons and courses are completed, the system automatically tracks the progress.  If for any reason you need to stop mid-course, exit the browser, and upon returning, you will pick up right where you left off.
Reeb Guided Learning Path Course Page
Head to, Take the guesswork out of learning and sign up today!
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