Understanding Exposure Types

The choices you face when selecting the perfect exterior door unit for your home or building project can be daunting at first, but if you arm yourself with some basic knowledge, you can be sure your door unit will look great and perform well for many years to come. Not all options are appropriate for all exposure types, and determining yours is an important step towards selecting a door unit that will last.

Fully Protected Doorway

Fully Protected Doorways have a large porch, oftentimes wrapping around the front of the home, big enough for tables and rocking chairs. Because this exposure type provides complete protection from the elements, there is the freedom to choose from the widest selection of materials and frames offered by Reeb.

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Partially Protected Doorway

Partially Protected Doorways are mid-sized porches that offer some protection against the elements depending on the specifications. Due to the increased risk of Sun and water exposure to the lower half of the door unit, it is highly recommended that the door unit be specially constructed to prevent damage to any exposed areas. Occasional maintenance is also required to keep up the appearance and functionality.

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Unprotected Doorway

Unprotected Doorways fully expose their exterior door units to the elements. It provides no protection against sunlight, wind, or moisture. These door units must be specifically designed for utmost durability, and continual maintenance is essential to preserving aesthetic appeal and maximizing lifespan.

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